Google Error by Marco Cadioli

“Google Error” by Marco Cadioli is the latest in his “Google Earth” series (which also includes “Google Melon” and “Abstract Journeys”).  The series began with a goal of “3D World Representation”, but eventually became an opportunity to leverage Google earth images in combination with other imagery, literature and in this case errors to create art.

It is part of the exhibition “La Fin Du Monde”, an online exhibition curated by Julien Levesque and Caroline Delieutraz.  We highly recommend giving them a look.


Paul Destieu

Art 2014

The famous tumblr-based artwork annual event, where artists provide similar digital artwork in seemingly endless tumblr scrolls, now returns in video format.

The original now returns as 2014.

“Every artist creates a 40 second video piece intended to be joined together, creating a whole story. This journey through very different environments is acclimated by an original soundtrack composed by a musician. This group show is presented as one singular piece, exploring the possibilities of Internet as a collaborative tool.”

Credit to the artists (in order of appearance):

Jeremy Couillard

Brenna Murphy

Nicolas Sassoon & Sara Ludy

Jaakko Pallasvuo

Carlos Sáez


DMNTIA.Music by Olivier Dias.